Three Reasons Why You Must Stop Ignoring Twitter

Twitter for Business
Google and Twitter have reached a compromise allowing the search engine to analyze tweets as they’re published. While the details of the deal are still being implemented, the effects of the agreement are already apparent.

As a result, recently published tweets are becoming more prominent in Google search results. This means activity on your Twitter profile should have a direct impact on search engine visibility.

If you still find yourself doubting your business should have a Twitter profile, we probably aren’t going to convince you. However, here are three obvious reasons why it’s time for businesses to make the transition to Twitter:

Increased Results Page Real Estate

This is the BIG one. Everyone knows they need to be number one on Google’s search results page and page two doesn’t exist. Google Indexing tweets means in addition to your website, each relevant tweet will populate the results page.

The more engaging tweets you create, the more real estate your business gets on the results page, and the more likely you are to convert consumers.

Voice of Authority

Before Google had unlimited access to tweets, Twitter was a great place to connect with consumers and leaders of your industry. Now that Google has access to tweets, you have the opportunity to become the voice of authority in your search area.

The more relevant you are in your search area, the more real estate your business gets on the results page, and the more likely you are to convert consumers.

Increased Inbound Links

Inbound links are a measurement of relevancy in Google’s algorithm. The more a link is shared, the more relevant Google perceives that information to be.

The more engaging your tweets with links are, the more relevant you are. The more real estate for your business on the results page, and the greater likelihood of leads converting to consumers.

We know most businesses realize that social media isn’t just a trend. Dedicating time and resources is needed to improve inbound marketing. As social outlets mature and become more complex, the benefits are only going to grow.

Don’t let this agreement between Google and Twitter set your businesses behind. We can help you get the most out of your social media strategy. Email us to set up your Twitter profile, today.