Three Ways Content Can Save Your Business

Content Can Save Your Business

Content Can Save Your Business

In case you missed it, content marketing is kind of a big deal. Content gives your audience meaningful and relevant ways to interact with your brand. Whether you’re interested in educating a target market or converting prospects into leads, content plays a very important role. Here are three ways you can use content to protect your bottom line.

1) Bury the Bad Review     

Bad reviews happen, while you can’t always remove them, you can bury them with strategic content. Start by researching the key words that expose the review, then publish content that uses those keywords in a positive way. If the keyword combination is “your company name” and “reviews”, use that keyword combination in new blog posts in a positive way. i.e.: ABC company reviews new options for reaching customers. The more positive content you publish, the farther the negative review drops in search results. A negative review can be a deciding factor in whether a prospect does business with you.

2) Build Relevancy

When you publish great content, two things happen. 1) People interact with it, i.e.: click, like, share; and 2) People come back for more. These two things can do wonders for your site’s relevancy. Repeated click-through builds relevancy for your website and subsequently your company. As this continues, search engines organically rank your website higher in search results. The higher you rank, the more likely your prospects are to find you and convert. Just remember to keep it up, because fresh content helps improve your rank, too.

3) Complete the Buying Cycle

You may be selling the best widget in town, but if buyers aren’t seeing how it can improve their life, it’s just another widget to them. Content can help buyers see how and why they need the widget. Blog posts that show the widget in use or applied in a holistic way will help give buyers the confidence they need to complete the buying cycle. This is another way that the show, don’t tell mantra proves its relevancy when communicating with your prospects.

Content can help your company achieve great things. When written and distributed strategically, it can protect your reputation, increase your sales and improve your chances of being found. I bet you’re wondering how to get started, we can help. Ask us how.