Cut Through the Noise with Multi-Channel Marketing

You adore your job as the marketing director of a successful locally-owned brick and mortar. The flowing creativity—the adrenaline highs of a successful campaign—fulfilled and happy customers… Conquering the world, one marketing campaign at a time.

And then you wake up, wipe the sleepy crust from your eyes, and stare in horror at the the sticky note hanging from your computer. Written in Sharpie is the nagging reminder that the next product promotion plan is due on Friday.

Where do you even start? It’s already Wednesday afternoon, and though you are prepared to hustle, the inevitability of another humdrum ad campaign begins to sink in.

We understand how difficult it is to create an effective marketing campaign when the pressure is high. Though it’s tempting to throw together a hasty newspaper ad and a couple of social media posts, we are here to show you a better way.

The Scene

Let’s say you are the marketing director of a local sporting goods store. You attract the typical adrenaline junkie who is addicted to extreme adventuring.

The products and in-store atmosphere are on-pointe and those who find you are delighted to come back for more. Unfortunately, the number of people who cross your threshold is small.

The local market is substantial, however you struggle to broadcast your message to the right people.

Define Your Ideal Customer

There are many variations of a potential customer, however it’s more effective to consider just one persona at a time. We’ll call her Sample Mandy:

Cut Through the Noise

The best way to reach Sample Mandy is to enter into the conversations she’s already having, on…


Appeal to Mandy’s humanitarian side by partnering with a local radio talk show to raise awareness about a cause you support. Mandy will hear the promotion during her morning commute and make a mental note to check it out once she gets to the office.


After the interview, you boost the Facebook Live version to a targeted audience. Mandy arrives at her desk, opens her laptop, and sees your post. Clicking the event URL, she RSVPs so all of her friends will know how much she cares. Afterward, she clicks over to your website to learn more about your store ethics and to view some of your products.


While Mandy peruses your website, an embedded pixel tracks her activity and adds her to a custom audience you are targeting on Instagram. On her coffee break, she’ll spot your sponsored IG post promoting some hiking boots that would be perfect for her weekend trek.


Now that Mandy has had three interactions with your store brand—the boots seared into her mind—she stops by your store on her way to happy hour.

Walking through the door, she spots your “Snap-and-Share” experience that she can’t pass up. Mandy requests to try on the boots so she can start Snapping them to her friends. They will be so jealous! She then adds your store as a friend so she can stay in the know.

Direct Mail

While the salesgirl is ringing up the boots, Mandy fills out a form to receive info on upcoming promotions and events. To Mandy, physical mail is a novelty, and she happily provides the clerk with her personal info.


Finally, Mandy heads to her happy hour , excited to tell her friends about this fabulous store. Her friends, who have undoubtedly seen Mandy interact with you on Facebook, Instagram, and now Snapchat will have your store in mind the next time they’re in the market for some new adventure gear.

All in a day’s work, my friend… All in a day’s work.

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