5 Mistakes that are Killing Your Blog

strategic business blogging

Are you jeopardizing your business blog’s success? Blogging for business is vastly different than personal blogging. Blogging for business requires a strategic plan and defined goals.

Blogging for You

Using your blog to only promote or sell your business is lethal to your blog’s success. The purpose of blogging for business is to develop relationships with potential clients. Try maintaining an 80/20 balance between solution driven posts and self-promotion.

Overwhelming Copy

Not utilizing whitespace is a common mistake businesses make when creating their content. Whitespace allows readers to skim your post and find the information relevant to them. Using less copy draws more attention to your call-to-action as well.

Visuals are a great opportunity to summarize your content without inundating your readers with copy.

 Unfocused Content

Because blogging is often a last minute chore, businesses tend to blog about random topics. Not focusing your blog significantly reduces your blog’s relevancy. Create relevancy for your business by focusing your blog only on industry topics for which you can provide a solution.

No Call-to-Action

Even if you are focusing your blog only on industry specific topics, your blog can fail if you don’t structure your blog for conversion. Without a specific call-to-action you are just informing. Blogging to convert consumers into clients and customers is more successful when a call-to-action is included.

Corporate Talk

Corporate blogs without personality are far less successful than those published by companies that reveal their uniqueness. Don’t be afraid to show readers what makes your company personable.

Turn your failing blog into a success with these quick changes. Before you blog, review that your new post fits within your plan and has a purpose. Cover a relevant industry topic and give your readers an action item. Mention your business can help. These minor elements are always included in successful business blogs.

If you aren’t sure how to get started blogging or how to create a strategic plan, talk to us.