5 Reasons to Intern at a Small Business


(Get the real scoop from a current intern)

1) First of all, you should be flattered– Most likely you’re the only intern at this small business. You’re obviously there for a reason. Being the only intern means there’s something unique about you that led this company to choose you and only you. Take this as a compliment and let it fuel your work.

2) Every day is an adventure– Since there aren’t too many cooks in the kitchen, there’s always the opportunity to get your hands on something new. Most days, I wasn’t sure what task I would be handed. No day was the same. This made coming into work that much more exciting and gave me a chance to explore my strengths. Overall, this made the time I had at High 5 much more worth while.

3) Your voice will always be heard– At High 5, everyone participates in  ‘show and tell’. This is when they bring forth work they have done and ask for feedback. During these meetings, it’s easy to contribute ideas even if you’re not a full time employee. Interning at a small business, you’ll often feel like a part of the team instead of just the intern. There are many opportunities to stamp your name on an idea and call it your own.

4) The friendly atmosphere– Being in small offices makes it easier to develop personal relationships with intelligent people. Instead of sitting in a lonesome cubicle, I worked closely with my supervisor. This made it easy to get feedback whenever I needed it. Sharing an office made me more comfortable asking questions and being honest about my opinions. The lines of communication were always open. There’s a chance that supervisors in large businesses aren’t as concerned with the interns they take on and are less personable.

5) You will make a difference– After speaking with multiple interns from large companies, the largest complaint I’ve heard is they don’t have enough work to keep them busy. Since large businesses take on multiple interns, there’s a chance there might not be enough work to go around. A friend of mine experienced this first hand and said, “Sometimes I would have to take a book to work just so I had something to keep myself occupied.”

I don’t know about you, but I didn’t want to be the intern who simply tried to get through the day. I wanted to leave the office at the end of the day feeling like I accomplished something. When interning at a small business, like High 5, that’s a guarantee.