Ignoring Digital Advertising for Your Business? Think Again.

where to buy digital ads

Are you considering buying digital ads as a part of your marketing plan this year? If you’re not, you should reconsider. Learning how and where to place your digital ads will be a valuable asset for your business’ future.

The transition businesses are making to digital advertising is directly related to the amount of time consumers are online. Consumers now spend more time on their smart devices than any other marketing channel.

According to eMarketer, consumers spend over 12 hours a day engaged on some marketing channel. Nearly 50 percent of that time was spent digitally.

If that isn’t enough proof to allocate some of your marketing budget for digital advertisements…

This past year marked the fourth straight year people have spent less time watching television. However, digital video outlets are exploding with activity. According to the Pew Center, 72 percent of people watch Youtube or Vimeo videos. And numbers are only going to grow in favor of online media as we progress into 2015.

So, if your consumers are online and spending most of their time there- why aren’t you?

If you’re like many of the other businesses we have helped, getting started is the hardest part. But, there’s good news…

Like traditional marketing, digital marketing has three key outlets. In January, comScore, Inc. reported nearly 50 percent of time spent on mobile devices was spent on three outlets: Google sites, Facebook and Pandora. (The top Google sites include Youtube, Google play and Google search.)

#High5Tips Youtube is considered a Google site because it is Google-owned.

Focusing your digital ads on these three platforms should provide a good foundation for digital advertising.

Now that you know where, let us show you how to get started.


·      If you don’t already have a business page, consider creating one. After you have a business page, you can create advertisements through the Facebook Ads Manager.


·      Advertising on Google requires setting up a Gmail and Adwords account. Creating campaigns through Adwords allows you to market on a multitude of sites, including Youtube.

#High5Tips you can customize Adword campaigns to advertise in search results, the display network, or both.


·      To begin advertising on Panora you must complete and submit their contact form.

Advertising on digital platforms is not a difficult process; it just takes time to learn what works for you. Once you get a grasp for advertising on these platforms, expanding your digital advertising will be easier. Not sure you understand the world of digital advertising? Let us help. Email me to help introduce your business to the world of digital advertising.