Words Matter, Writing Matters

Quality content drives the need for quality copywriters. Brands need writers and editors, not just managers. Search engines are no longer just searching for keywords, but trying to answer consumer intent. For example, three years ago when someone searched for, “bestseller about man killing wife,” search results would have matched those words exactly. Today, the same search would likely result in Gillian Flynn’s highly praised novel, Gone Girl. Search engines assume that this is what the consumer was looking for…consumer intent.



Pages that solve consumer intent will outperform those with thin content built only around keywords. Creating pages focused on a topic rather than a singular keyword helps search engines establish the purpose of a page.

Copywriters must take a journalistic approach and address the basic questions consumers often ask. Creating content for a webpage is similar to writing an essay. The ability to turn keywords and themes into quality copy is beneficial.

According to Google, synonyms, close variants, and words that disambiguate the meaning of a page play a role in 70 percent of all Google searches. Synonyms and variants help search engines determine if “plant” on a page refers to a manufacturing company or a rose bush. If the page contains “plant,” “shrub,” and “flower” search engines recognize the page is about vegetation, not manufacturing companies.

Businesses can no longer rely on someone trained to find keywords to build their content. They need someone who can efficiently answer consumers’ questions. At High 5 we believe that all great campaigns are achieved first with great copy. Rebecca Scheuler, Director of Brand Development, believes, “Writing is about finding the right combination of cadence and clout. And when you do, everything magically clicks into place.”

Writers at High 5 live for that magic. Learn more about our writers and content creators.