Shop Till You Drop, Pinterest Style

pinterest for business infographic

View the full infographic here.

Pinterest is an ecommerce asset for businesses. At the end of June, Pinterest will exponentially increase its value. Thanks to Apply Pay, users can purchase items they pin without ever leaving the social media platform. Converting social media users into customers just got a lot easier.

Blue Means Buy

Blue is about to become every woman’s favorite color. The new blue pin with pricing means it’s available for purchase. Ladies will be able to shop size, color, and quantity without ever leaving Pinterest.

At launch, there will be roughly 2 million buyable pins from stores like Nieman Marcus, Nordstrom, and Macy’s. Smaller businesses will be able to follow suit using the popular ecommerce platform, Shopify. Overtime, look for Pinterest to partner with other reputable ecommerce outlets.

The Catch

The first release of buyable pins will only be available to mobile users who access the site from Apple devices from within the United States. Android and desktop users will have to wait for future updates to make direct purchases on the social media platform.

The Bonus

Pinterest isn’t charging businesses for the feature or planning on taking a percentage of sales. Business owners will remain in control of their pricing, shipping and handling, and customer service. Pinterest is simply providing another point of sale option.

This will be a game changer for businesses who use Pinterest, and will dramatically add value. For more information about how to maximize your value on Pinterest, talk to us.